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Exercise and Movement

What's your favorite way to move your body?

Are there exercises or movements that seem to work really well for you and, alternatively, some movements that are difficult to do?

Have you had to modify any movements? If so, how?

How do you set yourself up for success when moving your body?

  1. I wish I had my own pool! But, I'm fortunate to live in Sacramento, CA where the city parks and rec district offer 1-hour instructor led water aerobics classes at some local outdoor public pools, very limited in the wintertime, but they meet much more often in the spring and summer. Our local YMCA also offers water aerobics classes M-F but you have to be a member (currently about $65/month but provides access to other activities there too). Finding the classes can be hard in different areas. Sometimes they are called different things like: water exercise, aquacise, etc. they are both usually about a$7 per class for drop-ins, with early registration being cheaper.

    I love lots of different exercises! Core work is a part of every class, with deep water aerobics being a different but more intense exercise (participants wear waist floats).
    Using a pool noddle and/or water barbells and/or dumbells are terrific for getting that water resistance and working your muscles. If you don't have those items I suggest you get them, it will really up your workout routine!

    In Elk Grove, CA they have a fairly new aquacise program that includes water yoga, water spin and more similar type water classes. I haven't tried them myself yet, they are hard to get registered for and are upward of $15-20 per class.

    Let me know if you want to chat more about this 😀 I'm a HUGE fan. I get overheated really easily and will literally pass out if I can't cool off quickly enough. Working out in the pool is so much easier on joints and really helps if your balance is bad, etc.

    There are all kinds of swim outfits/shirts/ dresses etc. available now if people aren't comfortable being in a public pool in a bathing suit.

    1. Thanks for jumping in and offering so much insight and support! I have always loved water. It's my favorite medium for exercise, especially now that I have nerve damage in my foot and can't run. I am envious of your nearly year-round swimming weather!
      A good friend of mine who has always had trouble exercising due to RA, lost a great deal of weight recently thanks to YMCA water exercise classes. Even better, she has connected with people who have similar issues. Many of them are also obese and they comfortable in their bodies, which has helped her overcome her fear of changing in the locker room. She has become a huge advocate of our local YMCA and of water exercise. They offer adult swim lessons as well.
      Thanks again for joining the community and for chiming in.
      Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Water aerobics at my own pace. It's been the best way to help my joints and improve my core muscles.

    1. That's awesome that you do water aerobics! I'm so glad that you shared this! I just started following a water aerobics instructor on social media. I tried some of their moves in the pool and it was a really tough and effective workout! Do you have a pool or do you go somewhere to do this? What have been your favorite moves to do? I really liked the squats/walking in place exercises. Curious what your go-to's are! 💙 Kayleigh, Team Member

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