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Obesity Comorbidities

Obesity can put people at risk of developing various other medical conditions. These conditions are known as comorbidities.

Do you live with any comorbidities? If so, what are they and how do they impact your life?

  1. Depression

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Depression can be really tough to navigate and is so much more common than a lot of people think. I also have depression. It comes and goes in waves/episodes. How do you experience your depression? If I may ask, do you have someone you can talk to like a therapist? I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I find it helpful to have someone outside of my everyday life that I can share and reflect on things with without judgment or pretense. Do you do anything that seems to help life some of that depression when you feel it coming on? Thank you again for sharing. Really appreciate it and really glad that you found us here. đź’™ Kayleigh, Team Member

  2. I have Psoriatic Arthritis/Lupus/Seizure Disorders, because of Meningioma Brain tumors!!

    1. Welcome to the community, . I am glad you found us. Those are some challenging health conditions. Do you take medication for your PsA and Lupus? If so, does it help? Is surgery an option for your brain tumors? I can imagine all three disorders make it difficult to exercise and to get a good night's sleep. I hope your doctors understand the impact of your comorbidities on your weight and that they treat your weight as a symptom, not as a cause. Do you have much support? We have sister communities for people with Lupus and PsA that might interest you as well: and Thanks for joining the conversation. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

  3. I have comorbidities and am obese. I have asthma that is mostly under control right now. I have chronic kidney disease, fatty liver disease and a swollen abdominal aorta. I am swollen everywhere and all the diseases have different effects on my body. I also suffer from major depression that has not been treatable for 32 years. I find it very hard to eat the required foods for these diseases. It is nearly impossible to have the ambition and physical ability to exercise. I am 67 years old. I have physical and mental and emotional pain.

    1. That is so much to contend with, . It can be very difficult to exercise and eat well when you are always struggling with physical and emotional pain. Do you have much support? Is there anyone you trust you can talk to about the impact of all your physical issues on your mental health? Please know you are not alone. Depresssion, anxiety, and other mental health conditions are common for people with chronic illness and they should be treated just like any other symptom. You need and deserve help. Here is an article that lists some resources for mental health care: It might be a good place to start if you are not already getting treatment for your emotional issues.
      Have you ever seen a registered dietician for help with your food requirements? A good dietician will work with you to figure out eating strategies that are easy to incorporate and don't leave you so stressed out. Most insurance companies cover the visits as long as you have a doctor's order. You don't have to eat perfectly all the time. Any change is good change and should be celebrated.
      Please know we are here for you whenever you need us. You have a community of people here who get it. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

  4. Thank you Tatiana Corbitt,Lori.Foster, for your comments and questions.
    My Dr. is aware of my swollen ankles. Now don't lol... the worst time for my ankles to swell is when I am using the washroom. I have to do stretches, try to change positions. My right ankle can swell and my foot will become numb. Hence the stretching.
    I have 2 canes gor walking. I am told that I have adjusted them to high. This works for me. I have a 4 wheel walker with a seat and zippered pouch. If you are buying one, find out if the area you live in has a programme that can subsidized your needs. I had a social worker and a physio and occupational therapist come to my home to assess my needs, without judgement.
    Stair chair lift(rides slowly up and down my stairs)
    Bath tub chair that can go up and down as I need
    I have 2 bars and a vertical bar in bathroo , in my washroom/half bath I have one bar.
    I have a full, heated recliner from a medical health company
    All of the above was paid for by this social programme. All of the above was measured for me by weight, size and needs.
    I purchased on-line, (from my experience, do not order on-line) a 4 wheel scooter.
    If you do not mind, I will write more on this scooter later on, maybe tomorrow. I tire easily. Thank you.

    1. How awesome, ! All that equipment must be really helpful in allowing you to continue living your life as fully as possible. Are you in the United States or elsewhere? Here in the United States, we have home health care, which is usually covered by insurance with a doctor's order. They offer similar services and equipment, but they don't usually provide stair chair lifts, heated recliners or bath tub chairs that go up and down. I am impressed! It makes so much sense though. All of those items must help you live independently while also keeping you and safe and out of the hospital, which ultimately saves the system money.
      No need to be embarrassed about the washroom issue. That position can reduce circulation to the legs. Would a higher toilet seat help or do you have one already?
      Thanks so much for sharing what helps. Those are some valuable strategies for getting around with all your health issues. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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