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Treatments for Obesity

Have you struggled with obesity and tried various treatments?

Share the treatments you've tried —whether it's dieting, exercise regimens, medication, surgery, or alternative therapies—and tell us how they worked for you.

What were the challenges you faced?

Did any treatment bring lasting success or unexpected side effects?

Your insights can provide valuable perspectives for others navigating similar journeys.

  1. I wasn't overweight much until put on synthroid for hypothyroidism. Gained a lb a day. Was heavy as I was with my son in pregnancy. I said no way! I have multiple sclerosis. High cholesterol, ptsd, depression, low blood pressure, and after many hours of searching, realized thyroid pill was problem! Now waiting on new meds aemour thyroid.
    I only have 1 good thing had to shop for fat clothes !

    1. Hi . How frustrating. If anything, you should be losing weight on medication for a hypoactive thyroid. I hope the new medication is effective and that you are able to safely drop the extra weight. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

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