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How long have you been contending with obesity?

For many, contending with obesity is a life-long battle. How long have you been living with it and what helps you cope best?

  1. I remember first noticing that I was a bit bigger than my friends throughout middle school and high school. It was never really pointed out to me in an in-your-face kind of way, it was more subtle little things that made me realize that I looked a little different than most of my friends. Throughout my life, my weight has always fluctuated and for me, while it hasn't always been the focal point in my life, it has always, always been running in the background in my mind like an endless loop. It's an awareness that hasn't ever really gone away for me. I think it has just become something I'm so used to being aware of that I'm unaware of how much I think about it if that makes sense. As I've gotten older, and largely in part from going to therapy and being brutally honest with my therapist and myself, I've tried to restructure my way of thinking. I can be really hard on myself and say some pretty mean things to myself. Now if I catch myself thinking something unkind, I try to stop and think "Would I ever say that to someone else? No, never in a million years. So, why would it be ok to say it to myself and hurt myself like that?" Rather than criticize my body, I'm trying to give myself some grace, be grateful for it, and be kind to it. It's carried me throughout this life so far. It has done pretty much everything I've asked of it. I try to remember that my body is just one part of me, not the entirety of me. Trust me, there are still PLENTY of days where this doesn't happen and instead, I spiral but when those days happen when I catch myself and say something nice instead, man, those are some good days. Anyway, thanks for listening.💙

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