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I Will Rise

My name is John Arpino, and my life has been a journey marked by tremendous challenges and unwavering resilience. It all began in the NICU, fighting for survival against meconium aspiration right after I was born.

That struggle set the tone for what was to come — a perpetual battle against severe asthma that plagued me since childhood. To manage my condition, I was put on prednisone, a medication typically meant for short-term use. However, I ended up relying on it for 13 years straight. The side effects were severe — excessive weight gain despite standing tall at 6’5”.

At 520 pounds, I was held back from living a normal life. All I yearned for was to experience the simple joys — a chance to join sports teams, ride roller coasters, wear regular-sized clothes, and comfortably fit into spaces designed for average-sized people. But my body and health barred me from these simple pleasures.

A second chance

The turning point came at 22 years old when I faced a near-death experience in my own living room. An asthma attack caused me to code blue in front of my family. Paramedics rushed me into an ambulance, and as I faded into unconsciousness, I pleaded with God and the universe for a second chance.

Miraculously, I woke up in the emergency room hooked to a BiPAP machine — an unexpected reprieve from what seemed like the end. That moment became a profound awakening — an understanding that life had granted me another opportunity, one I couldn’t afford to squander.

It was a second chance that ignited a determination within me to make every moment count. My story is one of endurance and redemption. Emerging from the depths of dire health struggles, I found the strength to redefine my purpose.

The power of resilience

Each day became a testament to my unwavering spirit. I embarked on a transformative journey — one that defied odds, conquered adversities, and spoke volumes about the power of human resilience. This experience taught me the value of every breath and every moment.

It’s a reminder that within each of us lies an incredible strength to overcome challenges, transcend limitations, and truly embrace the gift of life. My second chance isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a guiding light, urging me to cherish every moment and live with unwavering determination.

In retrospect, my journey hasn’t been solely about battling physical ailments, including obesity. It’s been about cultivating mental strength, finding solace in the support of loved ones, and discovering the beauty of resilience. The realization dawned upon me that life’s most profound lessons often arise from its most challenging moments.

Turning adversity into opportunity

I turned adversity into an opportunity — to not just survive but thrive. It wasn’t an easy path. It required rewiring my habits, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and most importantly, nurturing a positive mindset. Every setback became a lesson, and every small victory propelled me forward.

Today, as I stand before you, I don’t just see the scars of battles fought; I see the symbols of perseverance etched into my being. I’ve shed the excess weight, not just physically but also the burdens of self-doubt and limitations.

My mission now is to inspire others and to be a beacon of hope for those facing their own struggles. I share my story not for sympathy but as a testament to the human spirit. Regardless of the challenges we face, there’s an indomitable strength within us waiting to be unleashed.

This journey isn’t about reaching a destination; it’s about embracing the process, finding joy in every step, and touching lives along the way. Life’s unpredictability has taught me to savor the present, cherish the connections I make, and persist in the face of adversity.

Discovering our own strength

My story isn’t just mine; it’s a narrative of hope and the resilience that exists within us all. It’s a call to action to embrace life’s challenges, grow from them, and ultimately, become the architects of our own destiny.

This narrative represents how challenges shape us, define our paths, and ultimately lead us to discover the boundless strength within ourselves. It’s a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the unyielding determination to triumph against all odds.

Life, in its myriad forms, presents us with trials that can either break us or forge us into something stronger. It’s not the absence of struggles that defines our character; it’s how we respond to them that truly matters. For within each challenge lies an opportunity to rewrite our story and inspire others.

Overcoming setbacks

Every setback I faced became a stepping stone, every hurdle a chance to learn, and every moment of despair a platform for growth. My journey isn’t a finished tale, but it is proof that I am capable of enduring and evolving.

I aim not only to share my story but to instill a sense of hope in every heart that feels burdened by life’s trials. It’s a reminder that within us lies the ability to rise and rebuild no matter how daunting the circumstances. Our adversities can play a crucial role — they can sculpt us, teach us, and ultimately propel us toward our true potential.

Choosing to embrace life's challenges

As I reflect on my past, I realize that resilience isn’t just a trait; it’s a choice. A choice to embrace difficulties, transform hardships into opportunities, and harness the strength within to navigate life’s tumultuous seas. It’s about adapting, growing, and flourishing in the face of adversity.

The journey of resilience isn’t a solitary trek; it’s a collective symphony — a tapestry woven by the support, love, and encouragement of those around us. It’s about standing together, empowering each other, and becoming beacons of hope in the darkest of times.

A testament to the human spirit

Today, as I look back at the arduous path I traversed, I don’t see just the struggles; I see the milestones of triumph. My journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit - the resilience that perseveres, evolves, and ultimately triumphs. It’s a testament to the human potential to overcome, to transcend, and to soar high, no matter the adversities faced. And in sharing this journey, I hope to ignite a spark—a spark that kindles the flame.

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