John Arpino - John ArpinoJohn Arpino, a Brooklyn-based luminary, thrives in the digital realm as an Online Creator, Public Speaker, and Social Media/Digital Marketer. His dynamic career spans event planning, professional wrestling promotion, and the management of acclaimed nightclubs and restaurants across Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

From his early days, John's magnetic personality earned him the moniker "the Mayor" from his Kindergarten teacher, a testament to his innate ability to engage and connect with people from all walks of life.

While John excels in marketing and event curation, his true passion lies in fitness and championing those navigating transformative life changes. His journey toward wellness commenced in 2015, amid a significant health scare while battling obesity at 520lbs.

A survivor of chronic health challenges since childhood, including asthma and severe allergies, John's formative years were often spent in hospitals, missing out on typical experiences. These trials, however, became his source of strength and resilience.

In 2015, a critical asthma attack nearly claimed John's life at 22 years old, compelling him to overhaul his lifestyle. Shedding nearly 95lbs in the initial months through dedication and guidance from a personal trainer, John faced uphill battles due to his severe asthma and prolonged medication use.

Recognizing the need for a transformative step, John underwent Bariatric Surgery in November 2016, marking a pivotal moment in his health journey. Sharing his story on Instagram (@jarps_journey) became a personal outlet, documenting his emotions, progress, and setbacks, resonating deeply with individuals grappling with similar challenges.

As John's weight loss journey unfolded, he cultivated a profound connection within the weight loss community, embracing vulnerability to showcase not only triumphs but also the arduous struggles encountered along the way.

This narrative catapulted John into speaking engagements nationwide, a foray into bodybuilding competitions, and the pursuit of his dream in the professional wrestling domain.

Beyond his professional pursuits, John finds solace in cherished moments with his wife and family, global travels, and indulging in passions like Star Wars, The Sopranos, and the captivating world of professional wrestling.

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