My Battle with Obesity

In my opinion, obesity is a very compound condition that not only affects the body of an individual but also affects the mind in different ways. I have changed my lifestyle, and it directly changed my physical and mental well-being too.

My life before I made some changes

I used to have bad pain in my knees and my lower back started to ache. Even for me, simple activities that I used to enjoy once, like hiking or playing sports, became an arduous task for me. I felt that my energy levels were dropping, making it difficult for me to engage in daily activities. I always felt exhausted. After a few months, I developed a new problem, sleep apnea, which further triggered other symptoms like nightmares, snoring, and some other problems like depression, dry mouth, dry throat, fatigue, headache, irritability, and mood swings. Weight gain was also common in my case. I decided to change my lifestyle and yes, that was the turning point in my weight loss journey. I realized that I needed to take control over my health, not just for myself but for my family, friends, etc who cared about me.

With help and support, changes seemed attainable

I sought my elder sister's help in this journey. Her guidance in my weight loss journey played an important role. She told me the basic causes of my obesity and the steps that I needed to take to correct that. She told me firstly that I needed to maintain a balanced diet and told me to get engaged in physical activity like walking, jogging, or swimming. At the beginning, it was really very challenging for me but with her help, I began to see huge results and progress in my weight. As the weight started to come off, my physical symptoms improved. My joint and muscle pain was totally gone and my energy levels began to rise, too. I even noticed my mental conditions started to improve. I felt more confident, and energetic and began to participate in social activities again.

What I've learned through it all

Now when I look back, my journey with obesity has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. It taught me many things, gave me the strength to fight, learned the importance of self-care, and learned the definition of self-love too. I am really grateful to her for helping me out. Now I continue to work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, I fight each day with a greater sense of awareness and appreciation for my body and mind. Obesity impacted me in every way, shaping who I am today. So my story highlights struggle, pain, and mental problems and ultimately now I can see the transformation. From 100kgs to 50 kg it reminded me that while obesity has a huge impact on life, both physical and mental, we need to overcome all these challenges and problems with courage, support, and determination.

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