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Community Team

Welcome to Health Union's Community Team. Our Community Team is made up of a diverse group of employees of Health Union who bring you engaging, accurate information about living with obesity. The Community Team partners with the Editorial Team to provide clinical content that helps people live better with their condition. Meet your team below.

The Team

Kayleigh Hill

Kayleigh has earned degrees in entrepreneurship and veterinary medicine, and has always felt the most pride and fulfillment when she is contributing to an environment focused on healthcare. She finds immense satisfaction in being able to bridge her interest in healthcare and advocacy as well as bring people together in a safe, informative, and supportive environment. She has seen firsthand, in both human and veterinary environments, what exposure to knowledge, support, and validity can do in terms of healthcare management. Kayleigh is thrilled to contribute in every way she can to make sure that everyone in our communities has the same experience.

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Lauren Ruffalo

Lauren is passionate about creating meaningful connections between those who share similar experiences. Before joining Health Union, Lauren worked as a community engagement professional for a nonprofit organization, where she led health education programs for adults and children with arthritis and empowered volunteers to advocate for their personal health needs. She works to honor each individual’s journey with understanding and compassion while drawing on her relationship-building skills. Lauren holds a BA in political science with a minor in philosophy from Rowan University.

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Community Team

Kate Abernethy
Joanna Bodner
Michael Boren
Minel Cannucciari
Anthony Carrone
Julie Croner
Patty Day
Rachel DiStefano
Allison Echols
Kelsey Ford
Gabby Formica
Jaclyn Gallagher
Bridget Gawinowicz
Courtney Getty
Jacqueline Gottlob
Liz Green
Reggie Hall
Crystal Harper
Matt Harrison
Sara Hayes
Colleen Heavens
Kailah Holmes
Audrey Innerst
Ilana Jacqueline
Pam Jajko
Amanda Jones
Laura Kompanik
Kyler Koons
Danielle Kraft
Jess Lipkin
Kelly McNamara
Sanjana Mehrotra
Kelly Miller
Pamela Munnelly
Megan Norton
Torie Pappas
Corene Pettit
Amna Rizvi
Carolyn Rotella
Misty Roussa
Sam Sarube
Abby Schmidt
Kathy Smyser
Samuel Taylor
Margot Tishberg
Alexa Vecchione
Sarah Wallin
Kristine Zerkowski
Brian Zimorowicz

Community Experience Coordinators

Melissa Arnold
Chelley Avicolli
Jill Brodie
Kimberly Broughal
Julie Byers
Richard Faust
Donna Flood-Amaya
Lori Duffy Foster
Jessica Hall
Doreen Hribar
Beth Huffman
Latoya Juniel
Christine Laaksonen
Cody Leach
Jake Maxwell
Katherine Moakes
Lauren Mullin
Debra Philip
Erin Rush
Erin Tirney